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Creds to owner (I'm sorry I only uploaded it for personal viewing so I didn't note down the original subber and I can't find the original video anymore)
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Korean Music Wave in Beijing EXO - Baby Don't Cry & Moonlight (월광) & Growl (으르렁)
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Download : Brought to you by EXOplanetVN Subbing Family Forum: Facebook: https://www.facebo...
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2013 Korean Music Festival '지금은 K-Pop 시대' EXO - Wolf + Growl, 엑소 - 늑대와 미녀 + 으르렁.
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For Request for my next Click and Play... Send a request to the links below Twitter: Facebook:
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【TVPP】EXO - Growl (White Uniform Ver.), 엑소 - 으르렁 @ Show! Music Core Live EXO #036 : EXO performed 'Growl' with white uniforms at Summer special Show! Music C...
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Sorry no Wolf.
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Chinese Version: HOLY CRAP...exo is back and omg..with GROWL...Sehun gave Terrie so much shock and feels she ws c...
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Australia's best dance group - Justice Crew - sat down to watch one of Korea/China's best dance videos to see how they compared. Check them out giving us a p...
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Full CUT ver 140214 EXO.140214.Intro+WOLF+互动+Growl.湖南卫视元宵喜乐会by 吴亦凡吧Download 1080p .TS
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