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zakir naik !!!!! awesome answer !! to a non muslim girl.
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you want to be happy .do you seek happiness? Pree the link blow. face book: google plus:...
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Dr Zakir Naik Vs Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Latest Debate 2014.
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Debate: Was Christ(pbuh) Really Crucified? Debate with Pastor Ruknuddin Pio(An Arab Christian Missionary) v/s Dr Zakir Naik(Orator on Islam & Comparative Rel...
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Recorded version of Live uncut Speech and Q&A session of Dr Zakir Naik and Oxford Union Debate on the topic
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a hot debate between An Atheist and Dr. Zakir Naik.
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It's clear that Zakir Naik didn't have any Quran verse to prove that it discourages for Muslims to seek waseela ( though he believes there are some 25 verses...
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High quality Debate Religious Fundamentalism a stumbling block for the Freedom of Expression - Dr Zakir Naik, as shown on Peace TV. 1994 DR. ZAKIR NAIK - PRE...
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