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Download the JTC Guitar Hero Ballads album/backings and tab here: Order the ...
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It's been almost a year since Andy James has been to our studio. Now he's back playing his 7 String guitar with EMG 57 -7H and 66-7H humbucker pickups. Andy ...
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Andy James performs an incredible live version of War March from his self titled third solo album exclusively for Jam Track Central. Download his Album Backi...
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Available now at: get The Toontrack Gear - Jam Track Ce...
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Phill Mason interviews world-renowned, metal guitarist Andy James for an
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Andy James - 'Diary Of Hells Guitar' OFFICIAL VIDEO Welcome to the new package for the s...
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Andy James [Members Sneak Peak] - Cloak n Dagger Here is a sneak peak of some of the Andy James Guitar Academy Members cont...
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Andy James, the U.K's favorite Shred and Metal guitarist, performs
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Andy James is back on EMGtv with a vengeance performing his new track,
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Recorded by Meizu MX4 @1080P.
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