Download Video (Duck Dynasty) Uncle Si's Heart Attack

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Uncle Si comes to show how to rattle deer in the right way with the new Flextone Black Rack... Hilarity ensues with every new saying he comes up with.
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New season Bloopers Funny DUCK DYNASTY LIVE
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Uncle Si from the hit TV show DUCK DYNASTY goes behind-the-scenes of some of his favorite family photos. Check out his new audiobook, SI-COLOGY 1 here:
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TS Performance 6 position chip From 40 - 140 with fast idle rolling coal on the 140 HP setting (Mind If I Smoke)?
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Mountain Man led church service for vendors at GON's Outdoor Blast hunting show on Aug. 4, 2013 in Duluth, Georgia. \n\nVideo brought to you by and\n \nFor more information on the Outdoor Blast, go to
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Larry King interviews \
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Duck Dynasty's Godwin shares his testimony on stage at \
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Phil Robertson and the cast of Duck Dynasty (A&E) are on a mission to bring manhood back to America. Does that mean men have to drive trucks, blow up beaver dams, and never shave again? Hear what Phil has to say. Read Phil's new book \
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The Duck Dynasty kids spoke to a huge group of teens from the Church of the Nazarene.
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