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the fear of anything innapropriate you've ever seen in your life ever suddenly appearing at the worst time imaginable. i haven't actually been on that website by the way, i wonder what's there.. i hope you guys enjoy! :D (new video very soon) vyou have updated their website and it's supersupersuperawesome!! sign up and check me out! ^__^ discarbing No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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would you rather ? Two boys get hot and steamy answering the most INTENSE questions imaginable.\r\n\r\nThanks to everyone who gave me their suggestions on my second channel! :D\r\nyou should subscribe to it if you aren't already.. (it's really good)\r\n\r\n\r\nand thank you of course to my special guest:\r\n\r\nsorry it took so long! i have been le busy.\r\nbut now IT'S SUMMER YAY so videos will be good and frequent! :)\r\n\r\nhope you guys thought it was worth the wait ^____^\r\nlovelove.\r\n\r\nmy bad tumblr:\r\n\r\n\r\n
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When an innocent white lie cascades in to a WHIRLING VORTEX OF MISERY.\n\nalso my extreme inability to walk into a full room. that story has actually happened about 8 times fml.\n\nI hope you guys enjoy! :D\n\nsorry for looking so horrendously ugly in this video, it's hot and sticky here!!\ni don't look like this irl i promise. \n\n(danmail 4 is delayed due to circumstances beyond my control)\n\n\n\n
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This [mal]informative video will tell anyone who wants to live the dream, how you can get cosy with the youtube legend of your fantasies!\n\nStay tuned until the end for a SUPERCELEBRITYBONUS.\n\nYes I'm being sarcastic at times.\nbut this is kind of exactly what happened with me xD\n\nI hope you like,\nmuchos love x\n\nTwitter:\nDailybooth:\nFacebook:
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it turns out High School Musical is like The Ring but instead of killing you it makes you awkwardly wink at people until you destroy your social life. (which is much worse)\r\n\r\nhope u guyz liked the video! :]\r\n\r\nand plz follow me on vyou! ^__^\r\n\r\nand my super awesome Gold Saucer t-shirt is from insert-coin clothing! \r\n\r\n\r\ntwitter:\r\nfacebook: http://facebook/com/danisnotonfire\r\ntumblr:
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Look it isn't personal, I just hate you all. JK I'm just incredibly lazy. Help. click here: to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos :D\n\nand yo if you want to know what's happening in my life, you should follow me on twitter!!\n\nsrsly tho it's not all the time, but some days i just want to be in my own space! ..and i will be the worst and least interesting human you've ever met. \n\nbut what about you?! if you are like me then tell me in the comments! or if you've ever irritated a friend or been irritated yourself by doing this, let us all know down below! haha :]\n\nWEEK 1 of the HAPPY1MILLIONSUBSCRIBERFOURWEEKFOURVIDEOTAKEOVER! woop.\nthis took 29 hours to make. idek why. i plan to get back on my weekend schedule after this haha.\n\nTSHIRTS!\nFacebook:\nTumblr:
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me and the wonderful phil answer your questions ^-^\r\n\r\nand click here to watch the me asking questions to phil! :D:D\r\n\r\nand if you aren't already (lol) you should subscribe to phil!\r\n =]\r\n\r\n\r\nhope you guys enjoy! \r\n\r\n\r\n
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Near death experience? I shouldn't be alive. Dan's possibly biblically induced misadventures in traffic, lunch time and BLOODY 2FT LONG BLAZING MACHETES\n\nclick here to check you are subscribed to me! :D danke schön\n\nremember to tell me if you've ever had a near death experience! this should be pretty entertaining. let's keep it light hearted though - don't want to make people sad xD\n\nbut I hope you enjoyed! seems like a while since I did a proper RWDAF.\n\nTwitter:\n\nFacebook:\n\nTumblr:\n\nand 4 seconds of music thanks to the wonderful and inspirational -
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me and some devious YouTube buddies prank call a stalker who leaves a note outside Phil's hotel room.\r\ngenuine fear and hilarity ensues.\r\n\r\nStarring:\r\n\r\nConspirator - Molly:\r\n\r\nPresident of Deceit - Bryony:\r\n\r\nAce Camera Man - PJ:\r\n\r\nand Phil who just kind of stood there the whole time\r\n\r\nlong video is very long\r\n\r\nsorry it took a while i've actually been busy o_o\r\nCLASSIC OLDSKOOL STYLE DANISNOTONFIRE VIDEO UP SOON!!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\ndo you have a mother?
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Fan-fiction, shipping, Cherimon and OJ.. when did it get so popular?! ..and normal\n\nclick here to tweet this video - :D\n\nGO GOLDEEN!!\njust fyi this video is not meant to be taken seriously. fan-fiction isn't creepy, i'm creepier than you anyway, we're all meant to chuckle at this together and the thorki joke is just a joke, thou canst do what thou wantst on the internet :D\n\nStarring: &\nand of course\n\nin the words of super nanny, the fact this took two weeks is UNASSEPTABLE (but i think it was worth it to have charlie and alex. don't you?)\n\nenjoy!\n\n\n\n\n\n
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