Download Video "Getting your bounce back ''- Pastor Leadership Conference - 2011- Pastor Paula White -
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How to overcome emotional funk and get your bounce back !Brilliant practical preaching from Pastor Paula White during Pastor Leadership Conference - 2011 at Orlando .

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Pastor Paula White continues her series on Vision. In this sermon she gives much-needed insight on how to deal with distractions, and things that cause interference in our quest to see and fulfill the vision. This sermon is a 'must listen to' sermon!!
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Pastor Paula preaches that there are people and things in our lives that we need to let go of and never let back in. That we must denounce every spirit that comes against our divine assignment. She goes on to tell us further, that it is partly by these means that we are liberated to walk in God's fullness. Enjoy Pastor Paula White's message, 'To Open Up, You Have To Shut Up', from Without Walls International Church in Tampa, FL!
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Get ready to run into your God's given destiny! Get ready for an accelerated destiny! Pastor Paula preaches on the difference between sin, transgression and iniquity and how to break generational curses and live FREE in Christ!
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When you walk in God's unstoppable favor and His amazing grace no matter what comes your way- with the right attitude you can make it become a pathway to destiny! God SENT His Spirit in you to break the mold and SOAR free in Christ ...sealed with the kiss of the Almighty God! \n
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Isaac sowed a seed and in that same year and reaped a hundredfold [Genesis 26:12-22].\nFrom grass to grace to abundant grace; from almost to most to utmost.\nGet ready to reap a hundredfold. This and more in this video. \n\nHappy listening!
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It is harder to rebuild than to build!The process of restoration!
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PRAISE is the only way to wholeness. When you WORSHIP the Lord in Spirit and truth your PRAISE becomes a lifestyle, you are creating ability for God to do the impossible. You praising God from your position in Christ, not from your situation. Praise has a commencing anointing. God rides on the waves of sound. That's why we need to praise Him, and sound of our praise will invite His presence in the midst of us. Brilliant powerful and anointed message from Pastor Paula White
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