Download Video "Getting your bounce back ''- Pastor Leadership Conference - 2011- Pastor Paula White -
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How to overcome emotional funk and get your bounce back !Brilliant practical preaching from Pastor Paula White during Pastor Leadership Conference - 2011 at Orlando . No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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Paula White teaches about how some issues in our lives can only be overcome through prayer and fasting. This is a dynamic teaching that every Christian needs to hear.
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The spirit of deception can lead you in disobedience !And disobedience and idolatry brings the curse in people's life !The devil was a snake in Genesis ,but became a dragon in Revelation !Pastor Paula White explains how to break the generational curses .
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Everything has a root to it. What is your first memory about money, this is the key the way you are handling #money. Be witness of the conversation, not a judge of the conversation. When influence is perverted it becomes manipulation. Great teaching on #relationships #LetsTalkAboutIt with Pastor #PaulaWhite, #PaulaWhiteTV
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It is harder to rebuild than to build!The process of restoration!
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When you walk in God's unstoppable favor and His amazing grace no matter what comes your way- with the right attitude you can make it become a pathway to destiny! God SENT His Spirit in you to break the mold and SOAR free in Christ ...sealed with the kiss of the Almighty God! \n
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KNOW your place of assignment and covenant. Discover and stay in covenant connection! Return to the point of departure! \nASSES' HEADS is the THE KNOWLEDGE OF MAN.To apply YESTERDAY GLORY to what God is doing TODAY is nothing more than eating DOVE'S DUNG. Brilliant message from Pastor Paula White.\n
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Women who are SENT act different, they are game changers. They are SENT and assigned. They challenge the system and bring CHANGE. They know the price of a life surrendered and reduced to Christ, that's why they SOAR high where their enemies suffocates. Apostle Paula White delivers brilliant prophetic message for such a time as this! Fight for your children mothers of Zion!
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