Download Video Professional pimple pop! (Part 1)
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After having popped millions of pimples, Naomi Fenlin is an acne busting expert. Watch here as she extracts some pimples using the Isolaz Acne Laser, along with a manual extractor, and explains why you should NOT try to pop your pimples on your own. No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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After having popped millions of pimples, Naomi Fenlin is an acne busting expert. Watch here as she finishes extracting some pimples using the Isolaz Acne Laser, along with a manual extractor, and explains why you should leave the \
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Big Blackhead Squeezed Pimple Removal! - Intriguing video on how to remove large blackheads buried deep in skin. \n\n\n\nIf you like acne, medical videos, cysts, blackheads, pimples, zits, and things like that, then subscribe to this channel.\n\n\n\nPlease note that you may not like some of the content because it is something you consider gross. This is a medical educational video. Please exercise your right to turn off these videos if you do not like them. Thanks
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Here you will learn what is the relationship between Propionibacteria and Acne? How does they cause acne to become worse? And you will learn how to extract the comedone with an extractor?
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A very old blackhead removed by a best expert blackhead remover
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Best way to remove black and white heads also known as comedone at home, just press the comedone with comedone remover as shown in video and done.
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In this video i show you a little trick o how to remove unwanted blackheads or pimples from your nose area,its fasteasy and anyone can do check it out and dont forget to rate,comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!\r\n\r\nInstructions:The first thing you wanna do is make sure you have good lighting and then find a good mirror to look in.After you have them both you want to take your pointer finger and press on either side of the nose then push upwards with pressure ,press slowly this way you dont smear any grease or oil back into your nose.then once you have got some out take a dry napkin or q-tip and gently wipe it step move to the other side and do the same thing once you have done both sides and wiped the grease off then you want to clean your face with soapy water and dry with a soft towel,thats it your done do the same thing every three days till your nose is blackhead free or pimple free...\r\n\r\nWeather you like it or not everyone has oil in there skin and theres nothing free we can do about it so i hope this video saves you a few dollars and helps out....
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Cure Acne/ Blackhead Pt.1:\nCure Acne/ Blackhead Pt.2:\nThis video covers the steps from washing your face and removing blackheads to some pst-acne treatment including anti-bacteria medication and ingredients for acne scar.\nI hope this is helpful.\nLeave a comment and tell me what do yuo think of removing blackheads.\nThank you for watching!
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No stranger when it comes to getting rid of pimples, the skin care experts at About Face Skin Care in Philadelphia slaughter every kind of pimple, every day. Watch Naomi Fenlin manually extract the blemish-dujour on her patient's cheek. \nFor more information, visit
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Join me on\nDo you know comedone \nextractor? Comedone extractor is a tool used to remove blemishes such as blackheads, pimples and whiteheads. Comedone extractors are often used by estheticians during facial treatments, but many estheticians refuse to use them and instead use their fingers wrapped in cotton or tissue.\n\nOften, those who are afflicted with these common skin conditions have a hesitancy to remove the blemishes because they are afraid of scarring, which can happen under some circumstances. A comedone extractor is a tool not much bigger than a pair of tweezers that is said to make removal easier, without as much risk of creating scars. \nJust remember to never use your fingernails to remove blackheads, only use hygiene comedone extractor. Regardless of how often you wash your hands, it's unlikely you'll be able to kill all the bacteria on them and under your finger nails Clean the area with an antiseptic. After you've removed the blackhead, take a cotton ball and clean the small area with a skin cleaner to clean out any more bacteria from your pore. \nJoin me on
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