Download Video Bhabhi - 1991 - Full Movie In 15 Mins - Govinda - Juhi Chawla
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Bhabhi is the saga of an Indian woman Seeta (Bhanupriya) who is tormented and tortured by her in-laws. Sita is the most hated member of the family and is subjected to both physical and verbal abuse. Her only support is her brother-in-law Amar (Govinda)who tries to protect her. Watch to know what happens when Seeta decides to teach her in-laws a lesson after the torture becomes unbearable. For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at Connect with us on :- Facebook - Twitter - Google+ - Pinterest -

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Shreeram Lagoo as Prem Mehra is a wealthy kind-hearted and generous man who lives with Tanuja as his wife Laxmi a daughter and two sons Raj Kiran as Vijay and Govinda as Ravi. Prem Chopra as Dharamdas is a foe of Prem and he involves gangster and an employee of Prems to steal some priceless diamonds from his safe. See what happens to Prem and his family due to this theft. \n\nFor Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at \n\nJoin us on Facebook at\n\nFollow us at!/BollyFilmVideos
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Rajesh Tripathi played by Avinash Wadhavan is ecstatic to see his favourite singer Neha played by Divya Bharti relocated to his town. After much persuasion Neha accepts Rajeshs friendship and confides in him that she can never sing as she has been poisoned by her former manager Hari Saxena so much so that her vocal chords have been damaged repair. Rajesh accepts the challenge and sets about to resurrect Nehas voice and her career. Will Neha ever sing again and will Rajesh be successful? \n\nFor Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at \n\nConnect with us on :- \nFacebook -\nTwitter -\nGoogle+ - \nPinterest -
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This boisterous Bollywood romance tells the story of two best friends and their unconventional love triangle. When Rukhsar, newly married to Aslam, finds out that she is unable to bear her husband's children, she asks old friend Nagma to marry him as well, so that she can bear the offspring for her. Her one other request is that Nagma never reveal her close friendship with Rukhsar to their shared husband. Problems and pitfalls inevitably follow, creating a riveting soap opera of a story. BEWAFFA SE WAFFA is Bollywood at its most vibrant and colorful form.\n\nFor Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at \n\nConnect with us on :- \nFacebook -\nTwitter -\nGoogle+ - \nPinterest -
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Hema Malini plays the role of a shrewd entrepreneur Durgeshwari Devi, who manages her business with an iron hand. She shows little emotions and is often cruel in matters that affect her honour. She sends a poor girl Indu to Jail on false charges when Indu refuses to break up with her son Dheeraj. Outraged by her actions, Indu's brother Raja played by Anil Kapoor promises to seek revenge. He marries Rekha, played by Madhuri Dixit, after learning that she is Durgeshwari's daughter. Will Raja be able to teach Durgeshwari an unforgettable lesson on humility? \n\nFor Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at \n\n\nConnect with us on :- \nFacebook -\nTwitter -\nGoogle+ - \nPinterest -
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Sita (Bhanupriya), a middle class girl is married off to a wealthy man Ghanshyamdas's son Prakash (Anand Balraj) so that she can transform him into a better person. However Prakash has other plans and wants to take revenge from Sita for slapping him. Except for Ghanshyamdas and brother-in-law, Amar (Govinda), his entire family is against her. Will she get even with her in laws with Amar's help?
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Alcoholic and arrogant Atmaram (Kader Khan) stays in a shanty but dreams of living in a palace. He forces his son Vijay (Raj Kiran), to work harder and earn him the riches that he desires. However, Vijay gets the shock of his life when his son is diagnosed with a rare heart disease. To arrange the money for his son's operation, Vijay starts working double shifts but unfortunately passes away in an accident. Vijay's death reforms Atmaram and he assumes the responsibility of getting his grandson cured. But will the old Atmaram be able to save him? \r\n\r\nFor Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at \r\n\r\nJoin us on Facebook at \r\n\r\nFollow us at!/BollyFilmVideos
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Professor Vijay Choudhary (Shashi Kapoor) forces his wife Laxmi (Jayapradha) to leave his home after suspecting her of having an affair with Prakash (Rishi Kapoor). Years later Vijay sees Laxmi in a widow's attire in his student Lalita's (Neelam) home. Laxmi and Vijay start meeting regularly and are seen romancing by Lalita and her boy friend Ravi (Govinda). Unaware of Laxmi and Vijay's past, Lalita begins to suspect her mother's character. Watch to know what happens after Lalita discovers the truth about Laxmi's past. \r\n\r\nFor Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at \r\n\r\nJoin us on Facebook at \r\n\r\nFollow us at!/BollyFilmVideos
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Abandoned in a garbage bin as an infant, Deepak (Anil Kapoor) grows up to be a history sheeter with all kinds of crimes under his belt including rape and murder. Jyoti (Juhi Chawla), a bride gets raped on the day of her wedding by Deepak. After she is rejected by the society Jyoti tries to convince Deepak to marry her and father her unborn child. As a result of Jyoti's efforts to reform him, Deepak refuses to carry out the contract of killing Kameshwari (Rohini Hattangadi). However, Deepak is arrested the next day for her murder. Will Deepak be able to prove his innocence, given his criminal background? For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe at Join us on Facebook at Follow us at!/BollyFilmVideos
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Raja is a lazy slacker, who wants to have an easy life. A villager from his village gets married to a rich girl and enjoys a luxurious life in the city. Raja too feels that if he marries a rich girl, his life would set well. He accidently meets multi-millionaire Payal, impresses her and both fall in love. With the blessings of their respective parent's both get married. After the marriage Raja finds out that Payal is the daughter of the multi-millionaire's Gardner, and soon leaves her. But Payal and her father, get lucky when they win a lottery and soon turn rich. When Raja comes to know about their new-found wealth, he tries to come back into their lives, but the question is will Payal and her father accepts him back?
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