Download Video LCPD First Response - Version .95 Beta 1 Walkthrough
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A audio/visual walkthrough of LCPD:FR's latest release: .95 Beta 1. This video highlights the new features, AI behavior and glitches. Hopefully this will be both entertaining and educational to you all. *UPDATE* Due to several requests from viewers, I have a version of them I can distribute. You can download them here: No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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- This video is just for fun. I fully respect the LAPD.\n- Thanks for taking this video to the 10,000,000 view marker:)\n- And just to let you all know, I decided not to be selfish by getting money off this video, because if I did, there would be an ad in front of the video.:)\n\nJust like in real life for Los Angeles Police Department, this is the backup Officer CJ calls in for a man who is wanted for not paying a speeding ticket. \n\nGTA IV VERSION OF THIS:\n\nengine sounds:\n\nON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE,\nLIKE THIS FACEBOOK PAGE TO RECEIVE UPDATES WHENEVER AN OFFICER DIES IN THE UNITED STATES.
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A small police shootout in the Gta San Andreas game.\n\nI know there might be some lag, some unprofessionalism and a lack of skill in playing this game, but for your information, this video was taken four years ago! I have improved much more since then.
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The series finale. I'll probably keep quiet after this until the next version of the mod comes out. This was a fruitful experiment though. *UPDATE* After several requests for the cars, I've made a version for distribution. You can download them here:
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