Download Video Christmas in Australia!

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Kayla shows you her Christmas! See you guys next week bye!
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A look at Jenna's Christmas 2012.\n\nMusic by Jason Shaw: We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
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Our Christmas.\r\nMusic Deck the Halls B By: Kevin Macleod
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There is no music because we were having volume issues.
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Australia day with CJ!\n\nComment down below because next week CJ will be giving out looootttssss of shout out's!
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SevenSuperGirls would like to wish everyone... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
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Kayla shows you her Christmas morning and haul! In no way am I trying to brag about what I have received. I am very thankful! I have not ha the time to adjust to my new camera yet so sorry for the unfocused parts. \n\nMusic by: Kevin MacLeod.\n\nThe green shorts and top in this video was provided by Ahaishopping\n
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25 Facts About CJ
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SevenSuperGirls would like to wish all our viewers and subscribers Happy Holidays!
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