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The cat chases Hobo and he hides in the flute. Hatim makes Darzi Takelal the king. Badshah Huzoor tells Hatim about Mehraab being abducted by Hayatt. Hatim is unable to reach the mountain. Almaas tells Hatim that she wants to marry him. The souls tell Hatim about Sulemaan and the curse on him. Hobo falls from the flute and finds Mallikaye Jamalistan. Mallikaye Hayatte orders the servants to hit arrows at her. Jamalistan tells Hobo to spy on Hayatte to find her life. Almaas mesmerizes Hatim. No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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Hatim get hypnotized by Almas and ready to become her 100th husband. Hatim is unable to take the oath and kill Suleman and Almas. Dajjal is angry because of Hatim's victory and worried about Mallika-e-Hayat's life. Hatim challenges Mallika-e-Hayat and tells her to release Shehazadi Mehrab but she refuse to release her. Hatim meets Hobo and come to know the secret to kill Mallika-e-Hayat. Mallika-e-Hayat decides to help Hatim because Dajjal betrays her. Hatim solves sixth quiz.
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Saurush is unable to tell Hatim about the powers of panchshool, but gives Hatim his flute. Dajjal tells Jaanejaha to separate Hobo and Hatim. Hatim and Hobo reach Barkistan. A female voice distracts Hobo and he turns around and the powers of the panchshool disappear and Hobo shrinks. Hafiz tells Hatim to save Mehraab to get the powers. Hatim releases the goat and it dies as the wall falls on it. Damini goes to the Akalchand for justice. Hatim bluffs Akalchand
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Hakeebo tells the children about his encounter with Hobo. Hatim decides to defeat the beast and save his friends. Jasmine is missing from the tree house. Hatim, Adlu and Badlu look out for Jasmine. Hatim recalls Hakeebo's words and throws mud in the beast Hobo's eyes. Hatim saves all the children. The beast Hobo abducts the children. Hatim walks into the river and returns to his present life. Hobo returns to his normal life as Hatim hits him with fire. Hatim is shocked to see Totu is a doll.
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Dajjal's army raids on the palace of Sunayna. Dajjal converts Suraj into a statue by magic. Dajjal blackmails Sunayna by giving ultimatum of seven months. Royal adviser advises Vishal to not adventure to kill Dajjal. Vishal pledges to Hatim to help him. Royal adviser of Yemen delivers a magic sword to Hatim. A gin appears from the water and presents a map to Hatim. Hatim sails through the magic sea. A gin appears on the sea water and hinders Hatim from his voyage.
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Dajjal gifts a magical girl to Akrap. King of Beringa explains the suffering story of his queen to Hatim. Najjomi scares the queen of Yemen and tries to blackmail her. Akrap sends Mikah to kiil Hatim. Some dacoits throw trap on Hatim. Mikah reaches there and rescues Hatim from the trap. Mikah wins confidence of Hatim in the cave. Mikah attacks Hatim in the disguise of a bird. Mikah cuts the rope of the rope bridge to kill Hatim. Hatim proceeds to collect the magical diamond.
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Yemen names his son as Hatim. Jaffar decides that it is better for the world that the baby is killed so orders to burn baby's heart. Najumi bluffs Jaffar and burns a rabbit's heart instead of the baby. Najumi names the baby Dajjal and teaches him all about the dark arts. Hatim saves Jasmin's life. Dajjal kills his parents and becomes the lord of Jaffar. Najumi explains Dajjal that to become the supreme lord of the world he has to capture the forces of good and he can do that by marrying Sunena.
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Makijo extinguishes the fire storm by his magic power. Nadira kills Dilfareb by shooting an arrow. Nadira tells Hatim about Majiyar's assault on her. Hatim and colleagues proceed on the forecasted way by Nadira. Hatim, Nadira, Akira and Hobo reach near the fog valley. They climbed down into the valley and start their journey. Hatim removes snow barrier from the tunnel gate. Akira returns back to face the snow storm alone. Hatim, Nadira, Makijo and Hobo cross the snow tunnel safely.
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Professor Krishnakant asks Vikraal to bring one bottle of water from Amrut pond in Shimoga forest. Krishnakant says that the water from Amrut pond will help cure his grandson's brain tumor. Krishnakant also advises Vikraal not to pluck flowers and not to respond if anyone calls from the back and not laugh near Amrut pond in Shimoga forest because by doing this the ghost might attack him. Vikraal crosses all the hurdles of the ghosts and collects Amrut pond's water.
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Hatim goes in search of the answer to Dajjal's 5th question. A Jeannie helps Hatim to gets clues to the answer. Jasmine goes back to Paristan. Hobo flirts with the girls in the village. Maya and Chaaya try to trap Hatim and Hobo. Hatim puts a protection around his bed before sleeping. Maya steals Hatim's magical sword and gives it to Dajjal. Maya and Chaaya disguise into Hatim and Hobo and rob Albela's armor and Shyla face mask. Dajjal sits on Aldroa's king's throne and clams to be the king.
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