Download Video Mass Effect 3 - All 4 endings in Extended Cut DLC
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There are some additional changes to the ending besides what is shown here (like you see your party members escape in the normandy before you get to the citadel, and some other minor stuff), but the primary additions/changes are in the endings you choose. 0:00 - God child babble 12:30 - "Destroy" ending 23:12 - "Control" ending 33:43 - "Everything turns green" ending 44:42 - 4th ending (god child babble) 50:15 - 4th ending (end of god child babble) What do I think of the new ending? Well, I think it's better, but my overall feeling is that people should just go buy Dragon's Dogma because that game is awesome. No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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The ending we all expected the first time around. The full paragon and 5000+ EMS destroy ending, preceded by all cut scenes from the final mission.\n\nObviously a massive SPOILER WARNING accompanies this.\n\nThis is a very long video, so I'll make some jump-to links for those only interested in parts of it:\n0:00 - The fleets assemble\n4:20 - Approaching the Hades cannon\n6:05 - Destroying the cannon\n8:40 - The shuttles advance\n11:00 - Talking with the squad, in the order of James, Kaiden, Zaeed, Cortez, Kasumi, Jack, Samara, Grunt, Jacob, Miranda, Garrus (and Primarch Victus), Liara, Javik, Wrex, EDI, and Tali\n30:23 - Anderson's briefing session\n31:56 - Commander Shepard's rallying speech\n33:21 - Anderson leads the assault (note that this is the scene later seen in the pre-rendered clip of Reapers falling over)\n35:30 - Successful anti-air launch takes out a Reaper\n37:30 - The Crucible is on the move\n39:20 - Charging to the beam\n43:50 - Marauder Shields (may he rest in peace)\n47:25 - Confrontation with the Illusive Man\n53:10 - Opening the arms of the Citadel\n56:40 - Ascension...\n1:09:00 - DESTROY THEM ALL!\n1:14:10 - The Normandy crash-lands on a mysterious planet\n1:15:50 - Admiral Hackett's epilogue\n1:20:22 - Credits\n1:21:05 - Post-credits scene (the stargazer is voiced by none other than astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon)\nAnd that is all.\n\nI think this is the ending that should have been the original and only ending. The Reapers are destroyed, and sure, the mass relays are damaged, but Admiral Hackett states explicitly that \
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