Download Video Mass Effect 3 - All 4 endings in Extended Cut DLC
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There are some additional changes to the ending besides what is shown here (like you see your party members escape in the normandy before you get to the citadel, and some other minor stuff), but the primary additions/changes are in the endings you choose. 0:00 - God child babble 12:30 - "Destroy" ending 23:12 - "Control" ending 33:43 - "Everything turns green" ending 44:42 - 4th ending (god child babble) 50:15 - 4th ending (end of god child babble) What do I think of the new ending? Well, I think it's better, but my overall feeling is that people should just go buy Dragon's Dogma because that game is awesome. No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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The fight against the doors has finally been won, huzzah! I was planning on making it work the same as the GC/Wii version of the mod where you'd still get door sounds, but I wasn't able to do that. But I think this works well enough, and there's no issues with this version. (also pc version 60fps whoo!)\n\nThere's two ways to use this mod. You can download this small tool: (run it once while the game is running)\n\nOr you could get the latest version of Fluffy Manager 5000 which has support for various trainer functions for REmaster, including door skip: (this version also lets you turn the feature on and off, kinda like at the end of this video)
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In the last video I was able to defeat the evil evil evil doors in REmake, and this time, in REmaster on xbox 360! PC version is out in two days, and this should be super easy to replicate there.\n\nThere's 2 downsides currently:\n- As you can tell, it doesn't skip the entire door animation. This should be easy to fix on PC.\n- Not shown in the video, but there's an annoying side effect with certain lifts where the animation starts to play a looping sound but the sound doesn't end when the animation is skipped. Hopefully I can find a way to fix that on PC.
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Our third time doing a quiz, and this time with a huge changes to rules. I was inspired by a game called Fibbage and I created a system inspired by that. I should give thanks to Blazkowicz777, Green Banshee, and Graxe for sending in questions. I had to modify them some of them to make them work better with this new system. I'm still accepting more question submissions for future quizzes. It's very much appreciated since writing questions is what takes the most time when setting up these quizzes.\n\nI go through the rules in the video, but I'll do it here as well so people understand what is going on:\n- The host (that's me!) asks a question\n- Each player writes a fake but believable answer to the question.\n- Each player sees the same list of fake answers, but the real answer (and a couple of extra fake ones written by host) mixed in.\n- Each player chooses one answer. A player loses 5 points for choosing a fake answer written by host. If a player chooses a fake answer written by another player, that player gains 5 points. And a player gains 10 points if they choose the right answer.\n- The host can spectate the answers players are writing, and can force players to re-write if they write a duplicate (they won't know if the duplicate is of another fake answer or of the correct answer).
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A look at the amazingly awesome horse drift skill, and a bunch of info on how to tame a horse.\n\nA couple of things I learned after I recorded the video:\n- In the horse marketplace you'll see two numbers underneath the horse. Blue number is how many times the horse can be used for breeding, and red number is how many times the horse has died.\n\nWhenever a horse dies, you can spend some money to get it back, but the cost becomes higher each time. In the long run, it'll become so expensive you'll spend less money buying a new horse.
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More on this at:\r\n\r\nACAVYOS Indoctrination Theory Video:\r\nMore Source Links at Website.
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updated version:\n\nShepard and Liara get to talk to Matriarch Aethyta, the Shadow Broker's 1/2 Krogan father.\n \nME2 hints at the fact Liara has 1/4 or 25% Krogan blood/genes. ME3 clears it up.\n\nHope you enjoy! \nThanks for watching! :D\n\n\nCustom Hair:\n\n\nGibbed Save Editor ME3:\n\n\nIllusive Man's Eyes:\n\n\nME3 Face Code: 641.W1H.H15.V8B.HEM.6EQ.3P1.871.JK6.11H.6FB.412\n\nHere's what I do every time I want to apply Illusive man eyes/change the color of the eyes.\n\nApplying the eyes:\n1 - Open Gibbed Save Editor for ME3\n2 - Open a save file from your game\n3 - Go to the player tab\n4 - Go to appearance tab\n5 - Select presets(sunglasses icon) and open from file\n6 - Click on the Eye folder and select and open the file \
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This video is a clone of the original( but, its the real thing...perfected. No more problems with audio/video synchronization, and the bad video quality. Its the version it was supposed be....without the low frame-rate holding it back.\n\nMy most popular video(thanks! :) looks bad in terms of visual quality. So I decided to remake it only because, I recently found out how to include Wrex using ME3 Gibbed Save Editor. I've added more dialogue and started from the beginning of the mission.\n\nI hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching! :) \n\n\nDifficulty: Insanity\n\nface code: 643.WBG.G14.V89.JEM.63W.3T5.474.FQ6.23H.6FB.114\n(important: In order to get this face you must have the mods from ELE08 installed or texmod) Character Texture Overhaul and Vanilla Hair Tweaks.\n\nMods used:\n- Liara T'Soni skin v.1.0 by ThinkBlueN7\n(\n\n- Tali From Ashes Outfit v2.01 by PKchu\n\nBy Ottemis:\n- EDI AAP Outfit no visor\n\n- Liara Collector's Edition Outfit dark headband\n\n- Ashley Collector's Edition outfit Red ALT\n\nVega Alternate From Ashes Armor\n\n\n\nBy ELE08:\n- ME3 Hair textures\n- Vanilla Hair Tweaks\n\n- ME3 Chartacter Texture Overhaul (\n\n- Natural Eyelases (\n\n\nBy Smarteck:\n(\n\n- Citadel DLC HD Pack lightning/outfits/pack 1-3\n- HR Alternate Appearance Pack DLC HR 4096 v1.0 Optimized 2\n- Wrex/Wreav Default v1.2\n\nBy Girlplaysgame:\n( I used Photoshop and Paint.NET( to change the color of the textures then applied it to the game with ME3 Explorer.\n\n\nGibbed Save Editor ME3:\n\n\nIllusive Man's Eyes:\n\n\nME3 Explorer:\n\n \n\n\n(Again, thanks to MisterRandom2 for requesting this video back in early March 2013)
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Want more Samantha romance? Check the playlist down below:\n\nSamantha Traynor Romance: Mass Effect 3\n\n\n****************************************\n\nWant more Citadel DLC and other Mass Effect 3 DLCs? Check the playlists down below:\n\nMass Effect 3: Citadel DLC\n\n\nMass Effect 3: Omega DLC\n\n\nMass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC\n\n\nMass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC\n\n\nMass Effect 3: Javik the Prothean [From Ashes DLC]\n\n\n****************************************\n\nWant more Mass Effect? Check the playlists down below:\n\nMass Effect 3: MEHEM mod\n\n\nMass Effect 3: Endings, endgame, goodbyes & speeches\n\n\nMass Effect 3: Miscellaneous videos\n\n\nKaidan Romance: Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3\n\n\nLiara & M!Shep Romance: Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3\n\n\nTali Romance: Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3\n\n\nGarrus Romance: Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3\n\n\nAshley Romance: Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3\n\n\n... and many more\n\n****************************************\n\nSubscribe for more Mass Effect (and other games) here:\n\n\n****************************************\n\nThanks for watching!
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The final goodbye for EDI in the EC. Both dialogue options are shown in the video.
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