Download Video Paper Boomerang Flight
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Its just a papper...but fun... Create boomerang with it.... its indoor boomerang........

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Boomerangs from Gerhard Walter, Graz - Austria.
Upladed: 2013-04-07T18:08:10.000Z | Category: Howto Go here to buy my handcrafted returning boomerangs. \n\nThese are instructions on how to build a popsicle stick boomerang. The popsicle stick being used is from So Delicious.\n\nTo see the flight of this boomerang click here. \n
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INDOOR BOOMERANG\n\nMade from PIZZA packaging\nusing a pen\na ruler\na compass\nand scissors\n\nThis should be pretty safe to use indoors if you are sensible.\nI accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage caused.\n\nI am confident you could improve performance by scoring the blades and bending them but I just went for simplicity.\n\nIn the video I throw it horizontally, but if you throw it vertically it goes even better, and outdoors better still but it can catch a breeze and blow away.\n\nThis video show you a quick way to make more of the same \n\n\nThe improved version is here \n\n\n\nMy playlists\n\nSimple projects\n\n\nElectronic projects\n\n\nCharity Shop Gold or Garbage\n\n\nThings you can make from an old DVD drive\n\n\nBargain Store Projects\n\n\n15x15x15\n\n\nRubber Band Power\n\n\nRubber Band Powered Car #8\n\n\nCrawlerbots\n\n\nAir Powered Cars\n\n\nFan Cars\n\n\nGravity Powered Cars\n\n\nBalloon Power\n\n\nToy Cars\n\n\nAircraft\n\n\nHelp Files\n\n\nToy Boats\n\n\nOther Toys\n\n\nDisassembly\n\n\nI have over 900 videos on YouTube all grouped into playlists for easy selection on this link\n\n\nGenerally my projects are for my grandchildren to enjoy. OK, I enjoy them too. If anybody else likes them, that is a bonus. I like to keep my work as simple and basic as possible so that it can be copied easily and improved by anybody who wants to try themselves. I recycle or repurpose items rather than buy new and when I do buy I like to keep it cheap.\n
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SUBSCRIBE! Full Documentaries every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!\nDocumentary \
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This tutorial to make a wood boomerang is the best on YouTube because:\n-Explains how sand the airfoil on a boomerang for right-handed and on a boomerang for left-handed (unfortunetly all the existing tutorials to make a boomerang, on YouTube only explains how to sand the airfoil on a boomerang for right-handed.\n-Explains how to make an MTA (maximum time aloft) boomerang for right-handed and how to make an MTA for left-handed too.\n-Explains how to paint your boomerang in good condition.\n_______________________________________________\nHow to draw the template to make a simple returning boomerang:\n\nPrintable template to make an MTA boomerang:\n\nReally great web page with plans:\n
Upladed: 2013-08-16T18:05:25.000Z | Category: Entertainment Go here to purchase 1 of my handcrafted returning boomerangs and join the Affiliate program.\n\nI am pleased to announce an exciting new\nopportunity for you to make some money, simply by telling\nand sharing with your friends about our website and\nboomerangs.\n\nHere's how it works...\n\nAfter you signup to our affiliate/partner program, you will\nbe given a unique referral link to share with your friends\nand people you know on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.\n\nIf your friends or referrals visit my website through your\nunique referral link and then purchases any of our boomerangs,\nyou will be paid 10% of their total order. This commission\npayment will get paid directly to you via PayPal.\n\nWhat you need to do next to get started and earn some extra\nmoney is go to our website or click the\nlink below this video, then click on the link on the website\nthat says \
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Tutorial of my easiest homemade paper boomerang!\n\nIf u guys are interested u guys can visit my channel and see alot more paper Boomerangs like TRi-Blades, Columbusses (Four Blades), Multi-Blades (Five-Blade) and Six-Blades.\n\nAgain Thanks for Watching!\n\n-Nathan Dereje
Upladed: 2013-10-11T21:36:15.000Z | Category: Entertainment go here to purchase one of my handcrafted returning boomerangs.\nWinner for a free boomerang for September 2013 is Alexander Astrom.\n\nI build them all with the highest quality 10 ply 5mm birch available. Each boomerang is tested personally by me for an assured return flight before I ship it off to you with USPS Priority mail.
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Gregg Snouffer, Coach of the United States Boomerang Team, gives you throwing tips and pointers! Subscribe in order to follow the team to Rome in May 2010! Order now at
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