Download Video Ted Mosby ||| Say Something (I'm Giving Up on You)
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Another Ted Mosby tribute. Hope he meets the mother soon! I can't wait to see that!\n\nCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \
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A little video on Ted:3\r\nJosh is a really good actor and I thought I'd put this together as a tribute:)\r\nThank you again for loads of views and please subscribe\r\nLove + Best to all:)x
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I've been asked to remake this year and a half old HIMYM video of mine countless of times with new clips:\n\nSo I decided it would be the easiest thing to do now that the show is over and I need to do something for HIMYM anyway. The old video has 3000+ likes and this will never live up to the expectations ahahahaha but at least I finally did it:D I had to leave out a ton of stuff, it's over 200 episodes after all, so I focused on the things that mattered in the finale.\n\nI guess I'm one of the few people who wasn't beyond pissed about the ending. Maybe because I was expecting a big twist at the end? I wasn't too happy about how rushed everything was but it still reminded me of why I fell in love with this show in the first place, the fact that I could so easily relate to what happens in the life of these characters. I could see it all end that way even if it was a little depressing. All in all, I'm glad to have had this show in my life all those years:)\n\n*Song: \
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A tribute to Ted and Tracy's love on How I Met Your Mother.\n\nTed's Speech to the Mother in \
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my 5sos channel:\nmy anime channel:\n\n\
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MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEASON 8 AND 9. \n\nHD always treats you right, turn your speakers up for dramatic music impact.\n\nI'm not sure I've ever loved a video that I have created more than this one... I think it's the song lol. Hopefully you all feel the same way and I'm not being really pretentious right now.. *sigh* Theodore she's almost there just wait it out like 2 days she's almost here. 9x02 was just fucking perfect with the mother and ted scene that made me cry like a newborn infant, then Lily's speech in 9x03 life was good. I love this show so much but let's be real here 9x04 and 9x05 were not good.. 4 had better parts than 5 though.. 9x05 was a mess. but anyways that doesn't matter when the series is over I will cry about no new episodes crappy for not crappy lol. \n\nI love Ted with all my heart and can't wait for his happiness... He is my third favourite character but sometimes I think second instead of Barney but Neil complicates things.. how bias of me. Ted has been through so much over the course of 9 seasons but it's worth it because in the end you know he comes out on top. There is something quite special about knowing a character will end up happy at the very end. I am hoping that the mother pops up very soon. I really miss Cristin's cute face. I hypothesize that she will turn up once it's Saturday afternoon in the present time... considering she is in the wedding band you would assume she would be there a day before the ceremony. I remember reading that Cristin said an episode coming soon was very heartwarming for Ted and the mother and everyone would love it... I don't remember what episode it is so this little rant isn't helpful at all haha\n\nI hope you love this video I made it in about 5 hours which is pretty speedy for yours truly. I am also on fall break for a week so you might see some new videos soon. To all my new subscribers because of himym welcome, to all my subscribers from previous fandoms, thanks for sticking around. xoxox\n\nsong: whisper of hope - gothic storm\nfandom: how i met your mother\ncolouring: i made it myself, i'm growing up so fast :)\n------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n→TWITTER\n\n→TUMBLR\n\n→COLLAB GROUPS\n\n\n\n
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Ted Mosby & The Mother \nHIMYM\nSong: \
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