Download Video The Archies Sugar Sugar
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Ron Dante singing Sugar Sugar. He is the voice behind the Archies No file uploaded / hosted by Wapbom, wapbom only search engine like google.

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North side\neast side\nlittle Willy\n\nWilly wears the crown\nhe's the king around town.\nDancing\nglancing\nWilly drives them silly\nwith his star shooter\nshimmy shuffle down.\n\n'Way past one\nand feeling alright\n'cause when little Willy's round they can last all night.\nLay down\nstay down\nstay down\ndown.\n\n'Cause little Willy\nWilly won't go home\nbut can't push Willy round\nWilly won't go;\ntry tellin' ev'rybody\n\nbut\noh\nno\nlittle Willy\nWilly won't go home.\n\nUp town\ndown town\nlittle Willy\nWilly drives them wild with his runaround style.\nInside\noutside\nWilly sends them silly\nwith his starshine\nshimmy shuffle smile.\n\nMama done chase\nWilly down thru' the hall\n\nbut laugh Willy laugh\nhe don't care at all.\nLay down\nstay down\nstay down\ndown.\n\n'Cause little Willy...\n\nLittle Willy\nWilly won't\nWilly won't\n\nWilly won't\nlittle Willy\nWilly won't\n\nWilly won't\nWilly won't. \n\nSweet's origins go back to 1965, with UK soul band \
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Video original de 1970 filmado en el río Támesis, junto al Big Ben en Londres, Inglaterra.
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A pilula anti-concepcional havia sido lançada a pouco tempo e a partir de então as mulheres gradativamente assumiram a posse definitiva de seu corpo e de sua sexualidade, liberando e exibindo toda a beleza e sensualidade existente dentro dela. Este video mostra um pouco do inicio desta transformação, com gestos e trejeitos que hoje em dia podem parecer inocentes e ate mesmo ingenuos mas na epoca significava um imenso grito de liberdade. Viva as mulheres e que elas continuem conquistando cada vez mais espaços na sociedade ultra-moderna deste seculo!
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A video I made for the song from the movie Mamma Mia! The song is \
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a classic song
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Great Psych-Garage-Bubblegum 60's Pop.\nCheck out my Blog here\nThis is a half million hitter on my channel... Click on the avatar in vision to see more from henrysgigs1 .... LIKE THIS ? THEN YOU'LL LIKE THIS TOO ... The first definitive biography of Procol Harum entitled Procol Harum & The Ghosts Of A Whiter Shade Of Pale is published by Omnibus Press. You can see the Foreword by Martin Scorsese and The Introduction by Sir Alan Parker here ... BUY THE BOOK...
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