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Das heute Thema ist bissig und könnte für viel Diskussionsstoff sorgen. Fakt ist, das Thema ist sehr SEHR unbeliebt und kaum ein Jemand spricht darüber frei ...
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Este video es de un tema de hace ya algun tiempo, y ella nos interpreta esta linda cancion, en cuanto al lolicon pues si ella lo canta parece medio lolicoso ...
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There aren't of these on the Internet. So I made one. Enjoy!
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Bueno aver si pueden acceder a este link porfavor complente la encuesta y si no avísenme para repararlo
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Check out this draw on deviantart: Follow me on facebook to se the livestream:
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Mein eigener Comic... xD (aus langeweile enstanden) xD.
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Comentar o dar las gracias no cuesta nada Dale
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Mp3: Vocals-only version (for remixes): This is a song about friendship and the soun...
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Dont' forget to call you family/friends and loved ones. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. twitter lb879.
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Hello everyone, it's been a while since we posted and this is pretty much a catch up vid. Hope you enjoy, please rate, comment, and subscribe. The Last Of Us...
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